6 Ways to Reduce Hair Shedding

If you've read my last few wash day posts, you may recall I've been having an issue with shedding more than normal. What started off as a little thing has turned into much more. I've noticed my relaxed ends are getting thin and the shedding has increased.

Seeing more of my relaxed hair on the floor than I've seen in months started me wandering on what was causing this as this much shedding hasn't been an issue since I started on my hair regimen. Could it be the summer is my shedding period? Am I not doing a good enough job with detangling? After doing some digging I've come to the conclusion that my shedding is most likely the result of three issues.

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The three issues I've identified are:

1. My water intake: Lately I've been drinking less than the daily recommended intake of 8-10 glasses. A lot less. While only severe dehydration is linked to hair loss and shedding, mild dehydration will effect the dryness and look of the hair.

2. My iron levels: Per a recent blood test, I have low iron levels. Nothing to severe, but low enough that it could be the main culprit behind the shedding.

3. The ouchless hair bands aren't so ouchless: I've started to notice that the hair bands I use on the ends of my braids when I cleanse my hair are pulling out strands whenever I take them out. This is so not good and I've stopped using them effective immediately.

Since I don't have any records for last summer I couldn't conclude that the summer is my shedding period, but it is something I will be keeping an eye on as the seasons change.

So what's my game plan?

1. Increase my water intake to at least 10 glasses a day versus the maybe four max I've been drinking.

2. Up my iron levels by taking an iron supplement and adding at least one high iron food item to each meal.

3. Start doing hot oil treatments for my pre-poo and to help with detangling before I cleanse.

4. Either stop using hair bands on the end of my braids and use hair clips or barrettes that don't pull out strands or don't braid the sections.

5. Make green tea rinses a consistent part of my hair regimen.

6. Decrease hair manipulation through protective styling and going 1 1/2 to 2 weeks between cleansing instead of a week.

This will be my game plan for the next four weeks, but I will make adjustments as needed if something isn't working. 

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How have you reduced or stopped your extra shedding?



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