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How Long Do Hair Care Products Last?

I confess! I'm guilty. Guilty of hanging on to my hair products past their expiration date. When I started my relaxed hair journey I started going through the hair products I wanted to keep and toss. Boy did I find a few surprises! 

I found a shampoo that had been sitting in my bathroom cabinet for almost two years! The kicker is, the bottle was still full, but had been opened. I had used the shampoo a couple of times and then stopped for what reason I couldn't recall. 

Additionally I had some hair serums and oils that were older than I could remember. Same with a moisturizer and hair grease. Seeing how old these products were I got curious about whether or not I should still be using them on my relaxed hair or if I should toss them.

From my research I found some surprising things about how long hair care products last and how you can tell when it's time to toss them. Check out this infographic to see what I learned.

Hair care products don't last forever. Sometimes they need to be thrown away. Check out this inforgraphic to see when you should be throwing away hair care products. | arelaxedgal.com



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