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Hi, Welcome to A Relaxed Gal. I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Leah the voice behind A Relaxed Gal where I share my I share my best tips and experiences on hair, beauty, personal finance, and blogging.

In my every day, I'm a 30-something, (yep, I'm a millennial) busy advertising supervisor who lives in Florida. I'm originally from North Carolina, but was looking for a change and decided to move even further south for a job change. The warmer weather didn't hurt either.

In addition to blogging, I like traveling, warm weather, and helping others. I'm also a closet HGTV addict.

I'm so glad you found your way here and hope you enjoy your time.

About A Relaxed Gal

In 2013 I realized my relaxed hair was thinning and not retaining length. So I went to the blogosphere to see what info I could find that would help me get my hair healthy again. I found several relaxed hair bloggers whose advice and tips helped me begin my healthy hair journey.

Over time I noticed these relaxed bloggers were either transitioning to natural or had stopped blogging. Seeing a void, I launched my blog in 2014 with the sole focus of Growing Healthy Relaxed Hair.

Over time the focus shifted slightly to include more topics and the blog was renamed A Relaxed Gal. As a lifestyle blog, A Relaxed Gal is where I get to share my best tips and experiences with other busy, modern day women to help them take control of their lifestyle.

New articles come out weekly and are focused on four topics: hairbeauty, blogging, and personal finance.

Now that you know about me I'd like to know more about you. Let's connect on InstagramYouTube, or Facebook. You can also sign up for my newsletter using the form below.

If you're an advertiser who is interested in working with A Relaxed Gal, you can contact me via email or visit this page to see the advertising opportunities available.

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