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I'm Leah the voice behind A Relaxed Gal. I have an obsession with haircare, skincare, makeup, blogging, and personal finance. You’ll find all of that on here my blog. 

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About Leah

I'm Leah, the creator of A Relaxed Gal. I live in North Carolina but spent almost seven wonderful years in the Tampa, Florida area. 

I grew up with an interest in hair care and beauty but had limited exposure to it growing up. It wasn't until I was in college that I was able to experiment with both more and start to find out what worked and didn't work for me.

Some other things about me. Personal finance was something that was talked about a lot in my household growing up and I developed a personal interest in it. I work in advertising so content creation is something I'm regularly involved in and learning about. For more about me, you can read some more facts here.

Thank you for hanging out here with me!

About A Relaxed Gal

In 2013 I realized my relaxed hair was thinning and not retaining length. So I went to the blogosphere to see what info I could find that would help me get my hair healthy again. I found several relaxed hair bloggers whose advice and tips helped me begin my healthy relaxed hair journey and develop a relaxed hair regimen.

Over time I noticed these relaxed bloggers were either transitioning to natural or had stopped blogging. Seeing a void, I launched my blog in 2014 with the sole focus of helping others Grow Healthy Relaxed Hair.

Over time my focus shifted slightly to include more topics and the blog was renamed A Relaxed Gal. With this shift, it became a blog with the mission to provide hair, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration and tips for busy women who want a simple way to look great, feel great, and live great.

Additionally, A Relaxed Gal is more than a blog. There is also a YouTube ChannelFacebook page, and newsletter. Plus you can also find me on the LTK App and Instagram.

About you

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