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Hi, I'm Leah!

I'm the creator of A Relaxed Gal a blog providing hair, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration and tips for women who want a simple way to look great, feel great, and live great.

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How To Give Dirty Relaxed Hair A Reset

I wash my relaxed hair once a week. By the end of the week, it tends to feel and look dirty at least to me. Occasionally my hair can feel very dirty and weighed down from oil, product build-up and just a regular wash won’t cut it. My hair needs a reset.

Why And How To Do Hot Oil Hair Treatments

When you dig into hair routines in the relaxed hair community there are so many different techniques that are used to get and maintain healthy hair. Some of those techniques involve hair tools such as dryers or steamers. Others involve products such as protein treatments, bond treatments, and somet…

10 Awesome Summer Hairstyle Tutorials

Ah. Summer is in full swing. Especially here in the south. And with summer comes heat and humidity. All of this makes my hair misbehave more than it does in the winter making it harder to style. I’m talking I can’t even put it in a pretty, simple ponytail hard. So it’s helpful for me to have spec…

Using The Shark FlexStyle On Relaxed Hair

After seeing so many videos on social media of women drying and curling their hair with the Shark FlexStyle I’ve been wanting to try it. Finally, I decided to add it as an item to my budget, saved up some money, and kept an eye out for it to be on sale. That sale date came and I purchased a Shark F…

The Beauty Essentials I Can’t Travel Without

I like to travel to see new places and have new and memorable experiences. One of the things I don’t like about traveling is packing. Especially the packing of my beauty products. I feel some products are essential to  my skincare regimen . Especially when I travel. So I tend to stress about how I…

5 Face Masks You Must Try If You Have Oily Skin

Oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, it helps keep your skin smooth and looking young for years. On the negative side, oily skin makes you look shiny and greasy, causes breakouts, can enlarge your pores, and quickly ruin your makeup. Oily skin can be caused by various thi…

Relaxer Touch-up After An 18 Week Relaxer Stretch

I am a proponent of relaxer stretching which is going longer than six weeks between relaxer touch-ups. I’ve done long stretches in the past, 18 weeks and 20 weeks but my preference is and my hair thrives with 10-12 weeks stretches. This time I ended up stretching longer, about 18 weeks.