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7 Beauty & Hair Essentials for a Fun Day at the Beach

I never used to be one for spending time at the beach, but now that I'm an adult I've grown to like it. Spending time in ocean breezes, exploring the coast, people watching, I could go on and on. Despite all of the fun I have at the beach I've found if I don't prepare and think about protecting my hair and skin beforehand I end up regretting my time at the beach.

So that I don't fall into my habit of over packing, I have a list of beauty and hair care essentials that I take with me every time I go.

7 beauty and hair essentials for a fun day at the beach. |

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1. Hair clips and bobby pins

I use these to keep my relaxed hair in place and out of my face. I've found from past experience that using a ponytail holder or hair elastic just cause a tangled mess.

Some of my favorite hair clips are ones from Scunci because they come in three neutral colors and I can get a secure hold for my thick hair.

For bobby pins I stick with Goody because I can get several for a really good price and they don't easily slip out of my hair.

2. Hair conditioner

While I don't take the full bottle I do put some in a smaller container for me to apply throughout the day as my relaxed hair starts to dry out from the salt water, sun and wind. The conditioner I've been using lately is the Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner.

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7 Beauty & Hair Essentials for a Fun Day at the Beach |

3. Large hat

Wearing a hat helps to shield my relaxed hair, face, and eyes from the sun and blowing sand. By keeping my hair, face, and eyes protected from the sun I'm reducing, even eliminating damage from the sun.

7 Beauty & Hair Essentials for a Fun Day at the Beach |

4. Sunscreen

I use the sport sunscreen and prefer it to be spray on. Using spray on sunscreen like the Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Spray. Using a spray keeps my hands from feeling sticky and smelling like sunscreen all day. 

5. Face lotion with sunscreen

My favorite face lotion to take is the Ambi Skin Care Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30. It keeps my face protected from the sun. It also helps me keep my face moisturized because my skin tends to dry out from the mixture of salt water, wind and the sun.

7 Beauty & Hair Essentials for a Fun Day at the Beach |

6. Body lotion

Just like my face, the rest of my skin dries out from the wind, salt water and sun. Having lotion on hand keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day. It's also good at eliminating that ashy look you can get when your skin dries out which is handy if you're not going straight home from the beach.

7. Hand sanitizer

I pretty much don't go anywhere without a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer. But do make a point to have extra on hand when spending time at the beach. Hand sanitizer comes in handy if a sink and hand soap aren't available. Or if I'm too lazy to get up and wash my hands before eating a snack.

What beauty and hair essentials do you take to the beach with you?


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