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The Basics for Moisturizing Your Hair

Moisture. This seems to be something that everyone and everyone with hair, whether relaxed and natural, struggles with. It's something that was never properly explained to me. I think this could be a key reason for some of the setbacks I experienced with my hair.

Now that I'm a bit more knowledgeable I want to share what tips and information I'm applying to my relaxed hair regimen. These are tips I've found through my own internet research and learned from trial error while taking care my hair through the years.

The basics for moisturizing your hair | arelaxedgal.com

What moisture does and why it's important

  • Chemicals such as relaxers or hair color tend to dry out the hair. So if you have naturally dry hair and use chemicals on your hair, you may have a hard time keeping it moisturized. You'll know when your hair is moisturized when
    • Your hair strands maintain their elasticity or stretch 
    • Your hair isn't constantly dry causing your hair strands to snap and break

What moisture is and isn't

  • Moisture comes from using liquid-based products. Products such as straight water, rinse out conditioners, deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners. You can't moisturize your hair using oils. While oils can help soften your hair and give the appearance of moisturized they can't moisturize it.

Tips for keeping your hair moisturized

  • Don't over condition your hair. You know this has happened when it feels overly soft, limp or mushy.
  • Avoid lots of heat from styling tools. The heat applied directly to your hair will dry it out.
  • Seal in moisture with a heavier product such as a natural oil or shea butter. After applying a leave-in conditioner I follow up with a hair serum or natural oil which helps to seal in the moisture I just applied. 
  • Limit the use of products with petroleum, mineral oil, silicones or lanolin.

The basics for moisturizing your hair | arelaxedgal.com



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