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Wash Day: 4 Weeks Post 2/28 Relaxer Touch Up

Has it only been four weeks since my relaxer touch up? I had to triple check using the calendar to make sure. Either I'm more under processed than I thought or my new growth is coming in fast. Well no matter the reason, it didn't effect my wash day.

I've been working out more lately, walking about 2-3 miles a day 3-5 days a week resulting my relaxed hair looking greasy. As well as the sweating drying out my scalp between wash days. This means I'm now co-washing in the middle of the week and doing a full wash day on the weekends with shampoo. For my co-wash I'm either using a cheap conditioner or the Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea CoWash.

Mid-week co-wash

  • Skipped the prepoo
  • Cleansed using Eden BodyWorks CoWash on my scalp
  • Conditioned with a coconut milk conditioner
  • Removed the excess water with a t-shirt
  • Applied leave-in Nothing But Melted Shea Butter
  • Blow dried on cool
  • Finished with grapeseed oil on my strands and Jamaican black castor oil on my scalp
  • The result was my relaxed hair felt good, not great. Enough to get my to my full wash day. To maintain my hair I moisturized my ends with Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave In, sealed with coconut oil and wore styles to protect my ends (though I did wear my hair out a couple of days for a few hours)

Full wash day

  • Prepoo/deep condition with Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monooi Deep Conditioner. I applied it before I went for my walk which lasted about 35 minutes and let the sun and my body heat do their thing
  • Cleansed with a macadamia oil shampoo
  • Rinsed with green tea mixed with apple cider vinegar
  • Conditioned with a coconut milk conditioner
  • T-shirt dried for two hours (I think. I lost track of time)
  • Applied the leave-in Nothing But Melted Shea Butter
  • Blow dried on cool
  • Applied grapeseed oil to finish and some Jamaican black castor oil mixed with grapeseed oil on my scalp
  • The result was really soft, smooth relaxed hair. I had a hard time keeping my hands out of it
A Relaxed Gal wash day experience at 4 weeks post 2/28/15 relaxer touch up. | @arelaxedgal

How do you maintain your hair when exercising?

The Wash Day Experience


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  1. I love Co Washing... I actually do it every week... your hair looks soo lovely and thick!


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