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Can You Really Get Free Stuff with Influenster?

For almost a year I've been a subscriber to Influenster which is a social community where you can discover products through reviews and even getting to test free samples. I honestly can't remember how I found out about them, it may have been through another blogger, but I signed up and a few months later I received my first group of products to test.

Can you really get free products from Influenster? The short answer is yes! Learn more about Influenster and how to sign up. | arelaxedgal.com

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How Influenster Works

After you have signed up you'll be asked to fill out a profile, including connecting your social accounts - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Once your accounts are linked, Influenster calculates your social impact score based on the number of followers/friends you have. The social impact score is an important factor in qualifying you for VoxBoxes. It's not the only factor, but an important one.

Additional activities on Influenster include posting reviews of products you've used in just about every category - wellness, personal care, hair care, food, pet supplies and more. As well as posting questions about products you'd like to learn more about and responding to questions other users have posted about products.

Qualifying for a VoxBox

As I alluded to earlier, VoxBoxes are boxes filled with free, complimentary products from brands that are meant for you test and then share on your social sites. The great thing about these boxes is a lot of the products are full size, not trial size.

Per Influenster they determine who to give VoxBoxes to based on a combination of your
  • Answers to survey questions
  • Social impact score
  • Demographics

Once you're selected for a VoxBox you'll receive an email saying you'll be receiving one and the VoxBox badge will show up in your dashboard.

So is it worth signing up?

I would say yes it is worth it, particularly if you're a blogger just starting out and/or love sharing on social media. I've only been a subscriber for less than a year and I've received four physical VoxBoxes and several VirtualVoxes. While I don't always like or use all of the products I receive it does give me great fodder for blog posts. I've also learned about products I never would have tried on my own.

If you'd like to sign up for Influenster can do so using my referral link.

If you've tried Influenster share your experience in the comments. I'd love to hear about it.



  1. I love influenster. I have been with them since 2013. Wonderful community for bloggers.

    1. Totally agree! What do you like most about Influenster? Thanks for reading!

  2. I love influenster as well! I have received several boxes from them and just received a Pantene hair product to review.


    1. I'll be looking out for your review. I really like Influenster though I probably wouldn't do it if I wasn't a blogger. What's been your favorite box thus far?Thanks for reading!


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