The Basics For Moisturizing Your Hair

Moisture. This seems to be something that everyone and anyone with hair, whether relaxed or natural, struggles with. It's something that was never properly explained to me. I think this could be a key reason for some of the setbacks I experienced with my hair.

Now that I'm a bit more knowledgeable I want to share what tips and information I'm applying to my relaxed hair regimen. These are tips I've found through my own internet research and learned from trial and error while taking care of my hair through the years.

The Basics For Moisturizing Your Hair  | A Relaxed Gal
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What moisture does and why it's important

Moisture is important to our hair strands. It's one of the things that keep our hair healthy. It contributes to the overall look and feel of our hair.

Many things that we put on our hair like chemicals such as relaxers or hair color or things we do to our hair can remove moisture from our hair. Some people have naturally dry hair.

It's pretty obvious when our hair is moisturized. Moisturized hair maintains its elasticity and will stretch then bounce back into place. 

If the hair isn't moisturized it can feel rough, and brittle. It can be frizzy and tangle easily because of the rougher texture, it looks dull, and has no shine. The hair will also stretch to the point that it snaps and breaks.

What moisture is and isn't

Moisture comes from using liquid-based products. Products such as straight water, rinse-out conditioners, deep conditioners, or leave-in conditioners. You can't moisturize your hair using oils. While oils can help soften your hair and give the appearance of being moisturized they can't moisturize the hair.

Tips for keeping your hair moisturized