Product Review: Thermafuse HeatSmart Serum Condition

Let me say the Thermafuse HeatSmart Serum Condition is amazing. It is thick and has a pleasant smell. This stuff sinks into my relaxed hair and makes it feel nice and soft after use. I first started using it when my hair was really dry due to low to no moisturizing for years. This conditioner helped me get my relaxed hair back on the right track.

If you're looking for a salon level conditioner for curly, frizzy, dry or damaged hair Thermafuse's HeatSmart Serum Condition is one to consider for your relaxed hair. |

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One of the benefits listed in the description of the Thermafuse HeatSmart Serum Condition bottle is "exceptional detangling." I've experienced that, but only the first few weeks after a relaxer touch up. For some reason, it doesn't help much with detangling my new growth. Probably because it has some slip, but not a whole lot which is needed for my new growth.

Final verdict: While I like the Thermafuse HeatSmart Serum Condition and it does great things for my hair, it is expensive and not easy to locate. As a result, it won't be a staple in my relaxed hair regimen after I finish this bottle.

Product details

Price paid: $20 + shipping and handling on eBay for 1-liter bottle

Description: "Rich, extra moisturizing conditioner for hair that tends to be very dry, especially naturally curly, frizzy, and unruly hair, or damaged hair. HeatSmart Serum Condition is charged with certified organic essential oils and rich hydrating emollients to revive moisture starved hair and restore resilience, elasticity, and shine. Amino acids work from the inside-out, reinforcing the structural protein network of each hair strand. Hair is stronger and resistant to split-ends and breakage. The results are exceptional detangling, combing, and shine. An ideal solution for over processed hair, and hair damaged by excessive exposure to environmental elements. pH – 4.5."

How to use: "After shampooing with HeatSmart Serum Shampoo, work a small amount from ends to roots. Leave on hair for 90 seconds. Rinse Thoroughly."

Key ingredients: "*Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil – Naturally rich in Vitamin E. Contains healing and protective properties. *Euterpe Oleracea (AcaĆ­) Fruit Oil – An amazing berry with the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Fights free radicals and combats the aging process. *Linum Usitatissimum (Flaxseed) Seed Oil – Naturally rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids. Promotes healthy scalp and smooth hair."

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