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I Don't Mind Getting My Relaxed Hair Wet

"Don't get your relaxed hair wet!"

Being a relaxed haired gal the majority of my life I constantly heard that phrase from female family members, hair stylists, and even some guys who knew relaxed ladies can't get their hair wet. As a result of consistently hearing this phrase I would do whatever I could to protect my hair. That meant waiting till the rain stopped if I didn't have an umbrella, using an umbrella even when it was sprinkling rain, avoid going swimming more than a couple of times a year, and wearing a shower cap every time I showered.

See how being on a healthy hair journey has changed my view of getting my relaxed hair wet. |

An amazing thing happened earlier this year when I started on my healthy hair journey. I no longer have an aversion to water. I've come to realize that water does more good for my hair than harm. Also, I like the texture left by air dried hair. As a result I now only use an umbrella when it's pouring down rain, I don't mind going to the pool multiple times, and I don't always use a shower cap when I shower. This change of view has been especially beneficial when I've gone on trips and forgotten to bring my shower cap or was too lazy to go get it when I didn't bring it to the bathroom.

See how being on a healthy hair journey has changed my view of getting my relaxed hair wet. |

Though I no longer have an issue with getting my relaxed hair wet, I still try to avoid getting it drenched. Having hair in a soaked state can be damaging, but a little misting isn't. Water is the ultimate hair moisturizer.

Now I get funny looks for other relaxed ladies, and even some who are natural, when I walk in the rain without an umbrella, but I just smile and keep walking. 

Has your hair journey changed your view of getting your hair wet?


  1. I hardly got my hair wet previously and now when the rain falls i don't rush to take out the umbrella. Knowledge is power!

    1. It sure is. I still know some women who relax their hair who believe if they get it wet it'll mess up their hair.