Why I Don't Mind Getting My Relaxed Hair Wet

"Don't get your relaxed hair wet!"

Being a relaxed haired gal for the majority of my life I constantly heard that phrase from female family members, hairstylists, and even some guys,

As a result of consistently hearing this phrase, I would do whatever I could to protect my hair. That meant waiting till the rain stopped if I didn't have an umbrella, using an umbrella even when it was sprinkling rain, avoiding going swimming more than a couple of times a year, and wearing a shower cap every time I showered.

An amazing thing happened earlier this year when I started on my healthy hair journey. I no longer have an aversion to water. I've come to realize that water does more good for my hair than harm.

Why I Don't Mind Getting My Relaxed Hair Wet | A Relaxed Gal

As I've been doing research and learning more about hair care I've learned that water is a good moisturizer for hair. Even hair that is relaxed! That's why we see so many hair moisturizers and leave-ins with water as the first ingredient.

Water also doesn't cause our relaxed hair to revert like we'd been lead to believe. Relaxers can't be washed out so what would water affect hair that is already relaxed? That being said, hair that is relaxed with texture in it will see some texture when wet, and water can cause new growth to revert but that's not a bad thing.

Now that I'm more educated about relaxed hair care water touching my hair outside of my wash day doesn't upset me anymore. As a result, I'm not so quick to break out the umbrella unless it's pouring down rain.  I don't mind swimming and I don't always use a shower cap when I shower.

Though I no longer have an issue with getting my relaxed hair wet, I still try to avoid getting it drenched. Having hair in a soaked state can be damaging as wet hair is weak hair. But a little misting can't hurt since water is the ultimate hair moisturizer.

I kinda like the funny looks of other relaxed ladies and even some who are natural when I walk in the rain without an umbrella. I just smile and keep walking. 

Has your hair journey changed your view of getting your hair wet?


  1. I hardly got my hair wet previously and now when the rain falls i don't rush to take out the umbrella. Knowledge is power!

    1. It sure is. I still know some women who relax their hair who believe if they get it wet it'll mess up their hair.

  2. Thanks for this post. I have a relaxer with texture still in my hair and didn't know what the "rules" were. I haven't had a relaxer in about 10 years! Great post and keep doing your thing!


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