An Easy & Elegant Updo For Holiday Parties

I recently went to a work Christmas party and needed a quick and easy, but pretty hairstyle for my relaxed hair. I didn't want to whip out the steam rollers and didn't have time to put them in. I also didn't want to put any direct heat on my relaxed hair and wanted to protect my ends. So I opted for a very simple up-do that would keep my ends protected but also look chic and sophisticated.

An Easy & Elegant Updo For Holiday Parties | A Relaxed Gal
I ended up doing the headband tuck.

If you haven't seen the headband tuck, it's a really simple and quick style. All you do is

  1. Moisturize and seal your hair with your favorite moisturizer and oil
  2. Take a wraparound headband of your choice. If you're going to a holiday party I suggest using a less casual more fancy headband
  3. Put the headband on top of your hair
  4. Then in one-inch sections wrap your hair around the sides and back of the headband
  5. Once you've done that look to see if there are any loose strands that didn't get tucked in and tuck them in
  6. To make the style more secure use hairpins

Here were my results.

See how you can protect the ends of your relaxed hair without sacrificing style during the Christmas season with this pretty, easy holiday party hairstyle. |

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How are you styling your hair for the holidays?


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