How to clean

"Your Hot Head can be spot cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. This tends to be sufficient since you will always be wearing a disposable or reusable plastic shower cap as a barrier between the Hot Head and your conditioner immersed hair. If your cap gets a little linty, simply roll over it with a lint roller to make it come clean again."

My take

I love this cap! I've used it for my pre-poo deep conditioning and really like how easy it is to use. The greatest benefit of this cap is it allows me to deep condition with heat and not be tied down to one place. The cap gets hot and stays hot for a long time. And due to wearing a plastic cap underneath the Hot Head cap, the heat causes some steaming - bonus!

Some things to note are when I first put the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap on it felt heavy, but I soon got used to it. Also, I haven't had to clean the cap yet, so I'm not sure how easy, or not, it will be.

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Final verdict

After using the Hot Head Microwavable Deep Conditioning Cap consistently for a few weeks my hair felt more moisturized and its manageability increased. I recommend giving this cap a try and see what it does for your hair. I am definitely going to purchase another one when this one wears out.

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  1. I love my hot head. I got mine for free for the review. I missed out on those influenster gift cards because I was too lazy to write the Ebay buying guides.

    1. I almost didn't do the buying guide as well, but I ended up using some info from my blog posts which didn't make them too hard to do.

  2. I love my hot head, its so easy and convenient to use, you don't have to sit under a steamer or dryer just to DC you hair

    1. I know it's awesome. Just this past wash day I was able to dust my house and deep condition my hair. Do you use yours each wash day or only occasionally?

      Thanks for reading!