3 Gorgeous Braid Tutorials

I'm not one who has the patience to style my relaxed hair. I like it simple and easy. Otherwise, I get frustrated, and thoughts of chopping it all off start flitting through my head. Despite that, I have done a few styles with braids and people tend to ooh and ahh (I think it's mostly because I don't style my hair often).

3 Gorgeous Braid Tutorials | A Relaxed Gal

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I like to rock braided styles for various reasons. One reason is they are considered a protective style. A short-term protective style to be exact. This means wearing braids protect my ends from drying out and rubbing on my clothes. I share more about protective styling and the different types in my post What Is Protective Styling?

The other reasons are braids tend to look more complicated than they are and can give an air of simple elegance. 

I don't have one particular type of braid I wear, my braided styles tend to be my take on something I saw somewhere, whether online or in the street. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite braid tutorial picks:

Goddess Braid

I love a good Goddess Braid and have rocked this style a couple of times. Beauty By Michelle shows in this video how to get a smooth-looking Goddess Braid including how she preps her hair for the braiding.

French braid

If you're looking for a braid that can be dressed up or down then consider a French Braid. Luxe has a good tutorial for achieving a more casual French Braid style.

Dutch Braid

Until I started doing protective styling I'd never heard of Dutch Braids. While they look great, Dutch Braids can be tricky but Ch'emaraaa Phelps breaks it down in her tutorial.