My Favorite Apps For Designing Beautiful Blog Graphics

An important part of blogging is the images or graphics included in the posts. Some key benefits of including images in your blog posts are:
  • They show up in Google image searches 
  • Posts with images tend to get more views because they are more attractive 
  • When readers share posts on social media they automatically have a relevant visual 

My Favorite Apps For Designing Beautiful Blog Graphics | A Relaxed Gal

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The more I blog and the more I use social media to promote my blog, the more I've recognized these key benefits of having attractive graphics in my posts. This is why I've worked to up my game in the images I use and the graphics I create. One of the secrets for my graphics is the group of free design apps I found.


Photo app is great for adding text to blog images

Out of the design apps on this list, Phonto is the most basic. Its key function is adding text to images. With this app, you can quickly add a watermark or other text to images. There are lots of fonts to choose from and you can add all types of texture to the fonts from colors to backgrounds to shadows. You can also do some light photo retouching with the app


Canva is a robust graphics design app

This app is my favorite for creating all kinds of graphics. It gives you the ability to be a designer without having to use fancy design software or a lot of training. Canva allows you to create designs for blog graphics, infographics, social media covers, social media images and more using a template or starting from scratch.

The interface is easy to use because it's drag and drop. Most of the templates and design elements are free, but you have the option of purchasing premium design elements for $1 each. The best part is you can use the tablet or iPhone app or access and create your designs on your computer via


Studio app is great for making instagram images

If you're looking to perfectly size images for use on Instagram this app is for you. The free Studio app allows you to add text or graphic layers to images. If you can't figure out what you'd like to add to your image you can look at the multitude of designs others have created and reuse their layers.

What design apps do you use?


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