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How to Co-wash Chemically-treated Hair

I've been co-washing my hair for a while now and my hair has really liked it. When I first heard about co-washing I had no idea what it was. What I learned is co-washing is short for conditioner washing or no-pooing. When you co-wash you're cleansing your hair with a conditioner or cleansing cream instead of a shampoo.

The benefits of co-washing for chemically-treated, relaxed and natural hair and how to do it in three easy steps. |

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The key benefit of co-washing is to not strip the hair of moisture or nutrients. When I co-wash my hair feels more moisturized than it does when I shampoo. So I don't always deep condition when I co-wash. When I co-wash I do it in three steps:

1. Select my co-wash

To select my co-wash I have to determine if I want to use a rinse out conditioner or a cleansing cream. My favorite cleansing cream is the Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea CoWash.

2. Apply the conditioner/cleansing cream

I section my hair into two to four sections. I thoroughly saturate my hair and start to massage the cleansing cream onto my scalp section-by-section. Then I work the product down my hair strands from root to tip.

3. Rinse

I rinse out the cleansing cream section-by-section making sure I get it all rinsed off of my scalp.

How do you co-wash your hair?

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The benefits of co-washing for relaxed and natural hair and how to do it in three easy steps. |

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