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How To Keep Your Eyeshadow In Place

I love eyeshadows. Just look in my makeup case and that's totally obvious. I love the various colors you can get, the different finishes and how they help accessorize an outfit. What I don't love about eyeshadows is they sometimes crease and wear off throughout the day. So by the end of the day when I get home, it doesn't even look like I applied any eyeshadow.

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Not being very makeup savvy I just accepted the creasing and fading thinking that's how eyeshadow worked. Until I stumbled across eyelid primer. How I stumbled across it I can't recall, but once I started using it I never turned back.

How To Keep Your Eyeshadow In Place | A Relaxed Gal

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Using eyelid primer helps with
  • Putting a barrier between the shadow and my eyelid 
  • Creating a foundation for my eyeshadow to hold onto so it stays on longer
  • Making the application of my eyeshadow smoother
  • Keeping oil produced by my skin from reaching my eyeshadow
  • Sealing in any eye treatment products I've put on

The eyelid primer that I settled on is the e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer. The primer claims to prep "your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The lightweight liquid quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increases eye color longevity."
Even though the e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer is less than $3, it works really well. My eyeshadow lasts through the day and I don't see it start to wear off until well after the day is done. Also, the intensity of certain colors is greater than if I just applied the shadow directly to my skin.

On days when I decide to wear eyeshadow here's how I apply the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer
  • Clean my face and then apply moisturizer to my face avoiding my eyelids
  • Apply a thin layer of primer to my eyelids using the wand. Depending on how I want to apply my shadow depends on how much of my eyelid I apply primer to
  • Make sure the primer is blended
  • Let the primer dry down. This takes only a few seconds
  • Then I apply my shadow by patting it on instead of swiping

Do you use primer for your eyeshadow?

How To Keep Your Eyeshadow In Place How To Keep Your Eyeshadow In Place Reviewed by Leah | A Relaxed Gal on 08 November Rating: 5


  1. I'm in love with the primer that came with my Naked palette! My biggest problem is eyeshadow/liner smearing.

    Alix |

    1. Nice. I haven't tried the Naked palettes yet. What's your favorite eyeshadow and liner?

      Thanks for reading Alix.

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