The Best Liquid Leave-in Conditioners For Hydrating Hair

Liquid leave-in conditioner vs. creamy leave-in conditioner is probably one of the great hair care debates. And it may be debated in the hair care world until the end of time. Personally, I’ve always been a proponent of creamy leave-in conditioners. From my experience, they’re easier to apply, not messy, and moisturize better. Until I realized they weren’t.

During one of my long relaxer stretches, I realized that the creamy leave-in I was using wasn’t really moisturizing my new growth. It was also harder to apply the cream leave-in on my new growth without spending a lot of time sectioning my hair each time and focusing on the hair closest to my scalp.

Why you need to try these Jane Carter liquid leave-in conditioners | A Relaxed Gal
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Then it hit me, I should try a liquid leave-in. With a liquid, I can easily spray the leave-in directly on sections of hair and get close to my scalp without it taking a lot of time.

This led me to do some research online to find reviews of liquid leave-in conditioners. The two that I found with the best reviews and a list of ingredients I was happy with are the Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner and the Jane Carter Slumber Party Creamy Leave-In Conditioner. Here are my thoughts on each.

Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

I use this liquid leave-in after I’ve washed my hair and need some help with detangling. I’ve used some other detanglers before and liked several of them, but this one rose to the top of that list. It melts my tangles away and makes it so easy to get my comb through my hair. I also don’t have to spray a whole lot of it on so it works.

I also love the added benefits of it helping to protect from heat styling and the sun. I’ll sometimes use this instead of my regular heat protectant because of the added benefits of the moisturizer.

The list of ingredients is what really attracted me to the Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. The first ingredient is deionized water and water is the best moisturizer. It also has some aloe vera extract, chamomile, rosemary, and many other non-chemical sounding ingredients. That’s probably why it smells so good.

Jane Carter Slumber Party Creamy Leave-In Conditioner

I like using this liquid leave-in on my dry hair. I spray a little on at night, put on my satin cap, and go to bed. In the morning, my hair smells fabulous and fresh. It also feels soft and moisturized.

Again it was the ingredient list that drew me to the Jane Carter Slumber Party Creamy Leave-In Conditioner. In particular the sunflower oil. I love sunflower oil and use it as a sealing oil or part of my hot oil treatments because of how it helps to restore the softness and shine of my hair.

After a few uses of both of the Jane Carter liquid leave-in conditioners, I became a liquid leave-in conditioner believer. I haven’t thrown away my creamy conditioners, but instead, use a healthy balance of both liquid and cream.

Tip: When to use a liquid leave-in conditioner

Liquid leave-ins tend to be lighter and less oily than a creamy leave-in. This makes them better suited
  • For fine or thin hair as the liquid leave-ins won’t weigh down your hair like a creamy leave-in will
  • During the summer months when you want your hair to be less weighed down and able to breathe
  • For moisturizing your hair when wearing protective styles like braids or a weave
  • For a quick moisture pick me up between washes

What's your opinion about liquid leave-in conditioners?