5 Great Beauty Bloggers to Follow

I follow many, many blogs via Pinterest, Facebook, and Bloglovin. Lifestyle blogs, hair blogs, DIY decor blogs and also beauty blogs. I have to admit that reading beauty blogs are my guilty pleasure. I like reading about product reviews from beauty bloggers and learning new beauty tips that I may want to try.

The great this is there are thousands of beauty blogs out there. Don’t just take my word for it. Google beauty blog or search beauty blog in Bloglovin and you’ll be scrolling for quite a while.

Great beauty bloggers to follow | A Relaxed Gal

If you don’t like to scroll through pages of search results, here are five beauty blogs that I think are the best of the best. These bloggers provide helpful makeup tutorials and review products from brands that are easy to find and purchase. They also have great personalities that make their content fun to read.

The Style & Beauty Doctor

I started following Danielle because we have a similar skin tone. So I knew that makeup shades that work for her would most likely work for me as well. I also love her personality. She is so authentic and real in her writing and also in her videos.

Beautifully Brown

This a beauty blog that I recently discovered that’s run by Melanie Yvette. It’s also one of the few beauty blogs I’ve found that has helpful tips for brown ladies. As I read more and more from Melanie, I’m learning about new beauty products and even technology that is beauty-related.

Beauty News with Angela Cruz

I discovered Angela via her videos and for a while, I didn’t even realize she had a blog. It seems like she’s always has a new product she’s reviewing which is great because some of her videos have helped me decide whether or not to buy some beauty products.

Beauty bloggers to follow | arelaxedgal.com

Meg O on the Go

If you check out Meg O on the Go you’ll find that her blog doesn’t have written posts. She also has a lot of videos, though I admit I haven’t watched many of them. I really like how Meg reviews and uses makeup and skincare products that aren’t all high end, so many of the brands she reviews are ones that I would consider buying.

Some of my favorite posts are Meg’s drugstore round-up posts since that’s one of the places I buy some of my makeup.

Lisa a la mode

While Lisa is a blogger, she’s also a vlogger. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find many great videos on her beauty product hauls, skincare routines, and makeup routines. I just love how real and honest she is in her videos about the products she’s reviewing.

A Relaxed Gal

As a bonus, I included my blog A Relaxed Gal on the list. You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to read some great makeup and skincare reviews and tips.

What beauty blogs do you follow? Do you have a beauty blog? Share in the comments.


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