3 DIY Facial Toner Recipes For Healthy Skin

Toners are an essential part of a healthy skincare routine. Sadly they aren’t something that I use on a daily basis. Mostly because the store-bought toners I’ve tried in the past would dry out my skin, cause me to break out, and cost a lot of money. But I may be changing my tune.

Recently I was suffering from several unexpected pimple breakouts on my face. I couldn’t figure out why. My routine hadn’t changed and I was using the same products I had before, but the pimples kept coming.

After having this go on for several weeks I thought “Maybe these breakouts are because my pores aren’t as clean as I think they are.” Outside of washing my face multiple times or trying to find a new cleanser, I wasn’t sure what to do.
 3 DIY Facial Toner Recipes For Healthy Skin | A Relaxed Gal
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This led me to search online for some answers. The answer I found was I should try a toner to get make sure I’m getting rid of any leftover buildup from dirt and makeup that my cleansers weren’t getting.

Since I had bad experiences with store-bought toners in the past, I opted to mix my own homemade toner from products I have in my kitchen.

I was so happy I made that decision. When I first used the toner I went through four cotton balls. Front and back! There was a lot that my cleanser was leaving behind. So it was no wonder I was starting to break out.

After a week or so of using this toner, I started to notice a difference in how my skin looked and even felt. The pimples were going away and new ones weren’t forming. Also, my skin wasn’t oiling up during the course of the day and my skin tone was a lot brighter.

Depending on the ingredients in the toner it can do more than just clear out your pores. Some toners help soothe and hydrate, others minimize pores and some help reduce acne and pimples.

The do-it-yourself toner I’m using right now is focused on clearing out my pores, helping to stop pimple breakouts, and soothe my skin.

1. Acne fighting toner

  • 1 cup green tea which helps to reduce redness and inflammation caused by pimples
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to fight bacteria that can cause breakouts
  • 3-5 drops of tea tree oil to also help fight bacteria and cut down on the vinegar smell

What I found when using this mix is it could be a little strong for sensitive skin. Some ways to help with this are staying away from this altogether, use less apple cider vinegar and/or tea tree oil, or use more green tea so it’s not so strong to irritate the skin.

Here are some other do-it-yourself toners that I’ve used

2. Oil reducing toner

3. Soothing pore reducing toner

  • ½ cup chamomile tea for the cleansing and moisturizing properties as well as tightening pores
  • 1 tablespoon witch hazel to help to minimize pores

Recipes for 3 homemade facial toners | arelaxegal.com

Tips for using homemade toners

Homemade toners will only last for so long so I
  • Only mix the toner in small quantities
  • Keep them in the fridge so they stay fresh
  • Don’t keep them for more than two to three weeks
Have you ever used products from your kitchen to make skincare products?