20 Summer Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

This year I made it my mission to create and maintain a content calendar for my blog. I had tried creating and using a content calendar before, but I ultimately failed because I didn’t stick with it. Because I didn’t stick with updating and using my content calendar I had an inconsistent posting schedule and stagnant blog growth.

The great thing about a content calendar is it gives you a bird’s eye view of your blog’s content. This helps with keeping your blog content organized as well as your social and email content.

Since I’ve been consistently updating and using my content calendar I always know what I’m blogging about and when. This has made blogging so much easier.

20 Summer Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas | A Relaxed Gal 
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My content calendar is especially helpful when I have weeks or weekends that are really busy. When this happens I don’t have time to work on my blog as much as I need or like to.

Without my content calendar, I wouldn’t have blog posts created and scheduled during those busy times. Instead, I would end up scrambling to create half-cocked blog posts or I have some weeks without any posts going live. Not something that would help the upward momentum my blog has been having.

So far I’ve been doing a good job of keeping my content calendar updated. In fact, I have blog post ideas that can get me through the end of June. So I won’t be running out of blog post ideas anytime soon!

The key to having a helpful content calendar is to keep it full of content. To help you keep your content calendar full this summer I’m sharing 20 summer lifestyle blog post ideas.
  1. How you maintain your blog during summer vacation
  2. Your favorite summer foods
  3. The best places to travel in the summer
  4. How you decorate your outdoor space for summer
  5. What’s in your beach bag
  6. Top beach spots
  7. Your summer makeup routine
  8. Ideas for switching up home decor for summer
  9. Your favorite summer recipes on Pinterest
  10. Reviews of your favorite summer reads
  11. How to save money on your summer vacation
  12. Summer camp ideas for kids
  13. Tips for preparing for summer visitors
  14. How to get your house ready for warmer weather
  15. Tips for packing a carry-on
  16. Picnic recipes
  17. Outdoor photography tips
  18. Backyard barbecue recipes
  19. Best stores for after summer sales
  20. Refreshing summer drink recipes 

How do you keep your blog updated with content? Do you have any summer blog post ideas? 


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