Did You Know Your Part May Be Damaging Your Hair?

Have you ever read something that seemed off the wall? Something you couldn’t believe? I did when I read how a particular way I wore my hair could be damaging it. While I’d heard some whispers about it, I didn’t think it was true.

So I recently did some research on the subject. From that research, I found several articles that quoted hair stylists and experts all saying the same thing - parting your hair in the same place for an extended period of time can damage the hair in that area.

3 ways your part is damaging your hair | ARelaxedGal.com

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Yes, you read that right. It can. Apparently parting your hair in the same place over and over can either cause minor or major damage to your hair. At a minimum, it can cause breakage. On the major side, it can put you at risk of hair loss.

When you part your hair in the same place over and over again you can experience several negative effects
  1. Sunburn and sun damage to your scalp from exposing the same area of your scalp to the sun and other elements on a daily basis
  2. Breakage from putting a strain on the same sections of hair every day
  3. Thinning hair in the area of the part from either excessive heat styling or tension

So long story short, it may be a good idea to switch up your part every few days or weeks. Not only can it prevent hair damage it’s an easy and cost-efficient way to
  • Disguise hair issues like breakage, gray hairs, dandruff 
  • Create volume 
  • Change up your look without spending a dime

For several years now I’ve been changing up my part on a weekly basis. Essentially every time I wash my hair. Partly because of this revelation, but also to change up my look every now and then. Sometimes I wear a more middle part, but most of the time I switch my part between the left and right sides of my head.

Have you ever experienced damage from parting your hair? 

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  1. I have lost way more hair from one side than the other. Know decided to change the part of my hair.


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