Final thoughts

Right now the Black Radiance Berry Vibes Eye Appeal Palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette because it has such versatility. I can create a neutral, everyday look or a look with more pop all with the same palette.

Several of the colors are pretty pigmented which is great because for some looks a little goes a long way. I do wish though some of the lighter shades weren’t so light. It would be great if brands would create palettes solely for those of us with deeper shades.

I also like the size of the palette because it fits perfectly in my toiletry bag so it’s easy to travel with.

Because I’ve had a good experience with the Black Radiance Eye Appeal Berry Vibes Shadow Palette I’d like to try the other two palettes in the collection. I may even try out some other Black Radiance items.

Which Black Radiance eyeshadows have you tried?

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