As you can see from my goals my plan was to spend most, if not all, of 2020 working to help my hair recover from the damage.

For the first couple of months, I was on track, or so I thought, to easily meet both of my goals. And then the pandemic hit. At first, I didn’t think it would have much impact on my hair, that wasn’t even something that I really thought too much about. I mean, I had gotten a relaxer touch-up the month prior, my hair seemed like it was on the mend, and I had been quickly figuring out what products my hair was responding well to.

Reality soon set in. Once I realized that the world would be closed for a while I decided to do a reassessment of my hair regimen and hair goals. I determined that because hair salons were closed I would be stretching my relaxer longer than I normally and with no indication for when they would re-open I decided I needed to put goal 1 (finalizing my hair regimen) to stay on track as much I could for achieving goal 2 (getting my hair back to its healthiest). To do that I

Thankfully, my pandemic stretch wasn’t as bad as it could have been because I was only a few weeks into my stretch when everything shut down so I wasn’t deep into my stretch. I’ve also done long relaxer stretches before in the past, I had found several products that my hair responded well to. Plus, my hairstylist reopened soon after the state government said salons could open.

Despite the delay earlier this year I ended up getting four touch-ups this year. During each touch-up learned something new about the damage my hair had. One of the main things I learned was that the bottom half of my hair was acting like it was underprocessed. That was mainly caused by the protein overload. Thankfully, my stylist came up with a plan to address this which you can see more about here 

Taking everything that happened with my hair in 2020, how would I grade myself against my hair goals?

We are now about a month a half into 2021 and I’m still working on my new hair goals. Life has been so busy for me lately I just haven’t felt or had time to sit down and think about it. Thinking about it now I think that I will carry over the goal of getting my hair back to its healthiest. I still need to think about my second goal.

To wrap this up, I think my hair did get back on track, it took the whole year for me to really feel that way though I had some moments where it seemed like I was close but it turned out not as close as I thought. My hair is smoother, shiner has more body, and is starting to look thicker (especially my buns). I’ve even been wearing my hair out more! I have high hopes that 2021 will provide even better results for my hair than 2020.

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