5 Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Refresh This Spring

When the seasons change I tend to get inspired and want other things in my life to change as well. I may cut my hair,  buy a few new clothing items, or get a new purse. I’ll also change up some of the decor in my house to make it feel more Spring-like and brighten things up. When I do this, I do simple things as I’m not looking to make big changes. I just reflect on the seasonal change and give my house a slightly different look.

Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Refresh This Spring | A Relaxed Gal
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Here are five simple ideas for how you can give your home an easy refresh for Spring

1. Recover throw pillows

Yes, you don’t need to buy new throw pillows you can just buy or make covers for your throw pillows and get a different look. Not only is this budget-friendly (I mean throw pillows are expensive) plus it’s easier to store pillow covers than it is pillows because they take up less space.

Here are a few DIY tutorials I’ve used to recover my own throw pillows

If you’d like to purchase throw pillow covers instead here are some options found on Etsy.

2. Replace the bedding

This is another easy way to give some of the rooms in your home a seasonal refresh. Growing up my mom did this in her master bedroom. She had two different comforter sets and would change them out at the beginning of Spring and fall.

My two favorite places to look for new bedding are Kohls and Wayfair.

3. Get new rugs

Honestly I never really thought about having different rugs for the different seasons until I saw a home decor blogger I follow do a video of her switching out her living room decor for Spring and she changed the rug. Mind blown!

Just like for new bedding Kohls and Wayfair are good options for rugs.

4. Add some plants or flowers

I love how plants and flowers can add to a room. Depending on the size and texture of a plant it can make a statement. Plus, adding plants and flowers makes it feel like you’re bringing the outside in which is perfect for Spring. Now don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to worry about regularly taking care of a plant there are a few options
  • Get low-maintenance plants like a peace lily or snake plant. I have both because I don't have to water them often. I've gone weeks without watering both and they are still very much alive.
  • Or you can get a faux plant from places like Target or Wayfair.
When it comes to flowers you can go the fresh route and there’s no expectation that they will live more than a week or so. Another option is to get fake flowers like these on Amazon.

5. Put up new curtains

Just like bedding, you don’t need to have the same curtains up all year. In the Spring consider changing your curtains for a lighter color and/or material that goes with your overall decor. You can change the curtains in every room of your house or pick the most used ones.