8 Top Tools For A Relaxed Hair Regimen

Using the right hair tools for your relaxed hair is just as important as using the right hair products. Using the right tools can make your hair routine quicker and easier. They can also help to protect your hair.

hair tools for relaxed hair lying on a pretty granite countertop.
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Here are 8 tools that I think are key for a relaxed hair regimen. Note these aren’t in any specific or priority order.


Mist or spray bottle

These are great for applying hair treatments, tea rinses, or just wetting your hair without putting it under a faucet. Mister bottles tend to be more popular than spray bottles but I haven’t had good luck with them as they keep breaking on me.

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Applicator bottle

Just like misting and spray bottles, applicator bottles are good for applying product to your hair but in particular to your scalp. I like to use applicator bottles to mix my shampoo with a little water and then apply the shampoo to my scalp. I’m able to get a really good lather that way and make sure that my scalp gets properly cleaned.

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Bottle brush

If you use an applicator or spray bottle, you’ll need to clean them at some point. That’s where a bottle brush comes in. I use a bottle brush to clean the inside of my applicator and spray bottles, plus they are good at cleaning combs as well.

I buy a cheap bottle brush from the dollar store as it’s cheap and if something happens to it, I don’t feel bad about having to replace it.

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Yep, a t-shirt. Actually, an old cotton t-shirt to be exact. I use clean, old t-shirts to dry my hair after washing it. The t-shirt is smoother and more gentle than your typical cotton towel.

If you don’t have any old t-shirts to use, you can purchase a microfiber towel that does the same thing it just costs a little more money.

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Claw clips

When styling or working on our hair we tend to work in sections so we need something to hold those sections in place. I use claw clips to do this. They are budget-friendly and can be used to also style my hair.

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Wide-tooth seamless comb

You’ll need to comb your hair at some point and using a wide-tooth seamless comb can help with that. You can use these types of combs to detangle your hair and because the teeth are wide apart and don’t have any seams it’s gentle on your hair and less likely to cause breakage.

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Steam hair rollers

If you like to curl your relaxed hair but roller setting isn’t for you and you don’t want to use a lot of direct heat on your hair, steam rollers can be the way to go.

Steam rollers use the moisture from steam instead of heat to curl the hair. The cooling, evaporating steam adds moisture to the hair while locking in the curl. Because you don’t have to worry about heat damage you use steam rollers on a much more regular basis than heat styling tools.

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Hair shears 

Even if you get hair cuts and full trims in the hair salon, it’s good to have a pair of hair shears on hand at home to help keep your ends in line. If your ends start looking scraggly and uneven or split ends start forming you can use the hair shears to clean them up.
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