My TGIN 2022 Anniversary Sale Haul

TGIN had an anniversary sale a few weeks ago to celebrate 13 years. This is a brand that I really like and several of the products I use on my relaxed hair are from this brand.

So when I heard about the sale I was curious about how extensive it would be and what would be on sale.

products from the 2022 TGIN anniversary sale.
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To my surprise and delight, TGIN had two discounts available 40% off for everyone and 50% off for text subscribers. I’ve been a text subscriber for a while so I got the 50% off code.

If I hadn’t gotten the 50% off code I might not have bought anything because I don’t really need any more hair products. I have a whole plastic tub in my linen closet full of hair products that I need to use.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t pass up 50% off because I could get two products for the price of one.

Watch this video to see what products I bought and how many of each I purchased.

Shop my favorite TGIN hair products