Your Ultimate Sally Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve been shopping at Sally Beauty for years. Mostly to just stock up on hair supplies every now and again.

One thing I’ve never shopped for there are gifts. Who knew that Sally Beauty was a good place to pick up some Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers? I know I didn’t.

Now that I look at Sally Beauty a little differently now I took some time to go through the website and find some great Christmas gift ideas. I’ve collected all of those gift ideas in this blog post. Keep reading to see what they are.

women placing gold wrapped gifts from sally beauty.
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I didn’t realize this until recently but the little single-use packettes for hair conditioners and hair treatments can make great gifts and even stocking stuffers! Here are some select from

There is also the Japonesque Luxe Brow Kit. While we don’t usually categorize brows under hair they are hair. This kit has a slant tip set of rose gold finish tweezers, a spoolie to brush brows neatly into place, and precision scissors for trimming all in a case.


Bitzy Mini Nail Files are three coordinating files that are perfect for throwing in a purse, gym bag, or key chain. They are compact, easy to store, and of professional quality.

If you think your gift recipient would prefer full-sized nail files then take a look at the Tropical Shine Cushion Nail Files. You can select your size such as course, fine, and medium. And to my surprise, they are washable and sanitizable.

If you want to give a full nail set take a look at the Beauty Secrets Professional Manicure Kit. This kit is a travel case with a plastic cuticle pusher, toenail nipper, stainless steel cuticle nipper and scissors, nail cleaner, and salon board.

Another great nail-related gift is the gift of a quick at-home manicure. That’s where nail strips like the ones from Dashing Diva come into play. You can get holiday-themed ones like the Bells and Bows GLOW Real Salon Gels and Jolly Good Fun Ultra Shine Gel Strips or non-seasonal ones like the Wild Flower Ultra Shine Gel Strips and Femme & Fierce Ultra Shine Gel Strips.

You can even go the traditional route and give a bottle of nail polish. Sally Beauty has several brands to select from. Brands like OPI, NailBoo, and China Glaze.

For him

There are even some gifts you can get that are perfect for guys so you don’t need to visit another store to shop for him.

Japonesque Men's Ultimate Grooming Kit straight edge toenail clipper, grooming scissor, comb & slant tweezer, and convenient travel case.

A nice brush like this Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush from Brush Strokes makes a good gift or stocking stuffer.

Uncle Jimmy’s Beard products. There’s a beard washbeard oil, and a beard softener.

For all

If all else fails you can always get then a gift card.

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