How Tailwind Can Help You Write Social Posts In Less Time

When it comes to being a content creator one of the things that I like the least is writing social post copy. I don’t know why exactly. I don’t mind writing longer form copy for my blog posts and even video scripts. There’s just something about having to write short, snappy copy that fits a character limit in some cases a bit tedious.

Thankfully there is a tool available that can make writing social post copy easier, faster, and overall less painless and stressful.

Want to know what that tool is? Keep reading to find out.

computer monitor on desk that would be used to write social posts with tailwind.

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Ok, I will end the suspense.

The tool I’m referring to is called Ghostwriter and it’s a tool available to Tailwind users.

What is Tailwind’s Ghostwriter tool?

Per Tailwind it’s an “advanced A.I. creates ready-to-post copy in seconds so you can create great marketing in half the time.”

It can be used to write post copy for Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest pin descriptions, and even email subject lines.

Tailwind Ghostwriter enables you to:
  • Use relevant keywords and phrases to help your content become more visible in search
  • Change the tone, style, and approach of your caption based on your preferences and the purpose of your content
  • Easily create high-impact captions that are the perfect length for each platform, and incorporate best practices.
  • Maximize your time creating content, power through brain fog and writer’s block with ideas and inspiration for future posts

I’ve used it a few times and it’s like having a copywriter on staff! I’ve only used it for writing Pinterest pin descriptions but it’s made that task so much easier!

How Tailwind’s Ghostwriter works

In a nutshell, Ghostwriter works by analyzing millions of high-performing pieces of content and using that data to generate caption options.

When developing it, Tailwind trained the AI to specifically create natural-sounding copy with perfect grammar that also leverages relevant keywords.

How to use Ghostwriter

It’s really easy to use this Tailwind feature. I’ve used it several times and probably about 90% of the time it’s provided Pinterest descriptions I felt comfortable using as is.

For the remaining 10% I had to make some tweaks to the copy but it was so much easier than starting from scratch. Keep in mind that my results may not be typical and could vary from yours.

If you’d like to give Ghostwriter a try you’ll need a Tailwind account. You can sign up for free using my affiliate link. Once you have an account you can stay with the free plan or pay for an upgraded plan. The good news is you don’t need a paid plan to use Ghostwriter because it’s included in the free plans as well!

In your Tailwind account, you’ll need to upload an image.

You will then be taken to a new screen where you are prompted to create your social post by inputting the copy. This is where you click the button in the top right that says “Ghostwrite for Me.”

A new screen will come up asking for a new set of inputs. These are for Ghostwriter. You’ll be asked to input the following
  • For Pinterest you'll start by entering the URL the pin will link to, selecting what you’re posting about from a drop-down menu, entering some keywords and phrases you want to be included, and a CTA of your choosing.
  • For Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be asked to select from a drop-down menu what the content is about, add the subject of your post, enter the keywords and phrases you want to be included, and a CTA of your choosing.

Using the tailwind ghostwriter tool for pinterest descriptions.

Ghostwriter will take all of those inputs and give you three, yes three, different copy/subject line options. You then have the option to tweak these options with quick edits, or use them as is!

If you don’t like any of the options you can click the Try Again button and three more options will be generated. If you like the captions you can click the Save Caption button.

Generating email subject lines is a little different than for social posts. You will need to select the purpose of your email campaign from a drop-down menu, your email tone which is also chosen from a drop-down, and enter the topic of the email.

You will only get one subject line option that you can either keep and use or you can generate a new one.

Sounds great, doesn’t it! Give it a try by signing up for a free plan.