Whitening My Teeth With The Lumineux Whitening Strips

Looking in the mirror one day I noticed that my teeth were starting to look a little yellow. As a general rule, I have pretty white bright-looking teeth but every now and again that whiteness and brightness can fade. When my smile is at its brightest I feel more confident smiling in pictures.

Confidence is one of the key reasons people whiten their teeth.

If you want to whiten your teeth you can go to the dentist and pay a lot of money for them to do it and that may make sense in some cases. For most of us though using some at-home whitening kits will work.

a box and package of the Lumineux Whitening Strips.
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The most popular way to whiten your teeth at home is via whitening strips and the most popular brand seems to be Crest.

I've used Crest Whitening Strips and even the store brand versions a few times over the years. They did a good job but my teeth always felt ultra-sensitive after each use. I couldn't take it anymore and stopped using them relying only on whitening toothpaste.

The whitening toothpaste has served me well over the years but every now and then I would like to brighten up my smile and refresh it. I knew that whitening strips could help with that but drugstore strips were out so I settled for my smile would only be so bright. That is until I learned about the Lumineux Whitening Strips.

I had seen several influencers sharing about these whitening strips, showing their results, and why they liked them so much. Their main reason was that the Lumineux whitening strips are non-toxic and enamel-safe. They also have no alcohol, peroxide, harsh bleaches, or artificial dyes.

When I heard that I was like well how do they fight teeth stains? These strips use "potent stain-fighting oils" to break up stains on the teeth.

One of those oils is coconut oil. Lumineux says "this moisturizing superfood is a natural whitener, that delivers stellar results without damaging enamel and causing the sensitivity you associate with most teeth whiteners and gums."

Another key ingredient in these whitening strips is dead sea salt. Lumineux says "just a pinch of this powerful salt delivers dozens of beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium to your enamel."

I was able to purchase the Lumineux strips on Amazon. The strips come in a box of 42 which equals 21 treatments (21 upper strips, 21 lower strips), a box of 28 which equals 14 treatments (14 upper strips, 14 lower strips), and a box of 14 which equals 7 treatments (7 upper strips, 7 lower strips).

When I purchased them I didn’t pay full price because they are occasionally on sale and sometimes have a discount code giving a percentage or dollar amount off.

If you’re not an Amazon shopper you can also purchase the strips from Target or the brand’s website. You can only purchase the 28 treatment box from Target and the brand's site.

I use the Lumineux strips on occasion, just when I want to brighten my smile. So far this has been once a quarter.

They are really easy to use. To start I take a dry cloth or toilet paper and dab my teeth to remove excess liquid (this is a tip some of the influencers I follow who use this shared). It helps the strips to stick better to the teeth.

I place upper and lower strips on my teeth. It doesn’t matter which one I apply first.

I leave them on for 30 minutes per the instructions. I set a timer on my phone so I don’t leave them on too long or not long enough.

After 30 minutes I remove the strips and then I lightly brush my teeth to remove the excess stuff on my teeth. You can also rinse just with water.

I make sure to not eat or drink for 30 minutes after using the strips per the instructions.

Lumineux recommends using the strips seven days in a row, then one to two times a week thereafter When I’ve used them for a few weeks in a row I did notice a greater difference in how white my teeth got compared to when I used them nonconsecutively - one week and one week there.

What do you use to brighten your smile?