How I Save Money on Hair Care Products

Being on a healthy relaxed hair journey can get expensive. Especially when you're starting out and trying to build a regimen. You can be trying out multiple products and experimenting to see what your relaxed hair does and doesn't like.

Before I decided to get serious about taking care of my relaxed hair and the products I used I found myself paying more attention to the ingredients than the prices. I used to the be the type of person who bought whatever shampoo or conditioner was cheapest not paying attention to how my hair reacted to it. Now that I'm buying better products for my hair I'm still looking for a good deal and have found a few ways to save and not pay full price.

Tips on how you can save money when purchasing hair care products for your natural or relaxed hair. | @arelaxedgal

Here are some of the things I do to save on hair care products

Take advantage sales

Sally Beauty tends to have B1G1 and B2G1 free sales a few times a year and I take advantage of those sales by buying products I use often or want to try. Also some brands like SheaMoisture will have B1G1 or B1G1 50% off sales a few times a year. I typically find out about the sales by following the brands I like on social media.

Couponing and sale stacking

There are a few conditioners that I like to use for pre-pooing or co-washing so I keep an eye out for coupons and stash them away. Then when the conditioner goes on sale I can use the coupon and save even more.

Sign up for samples

You can find several good sites that aggregate links to product samples. I sometimes visit those sites and rack up on great samples.

Use gift cards

Through reward apps and sites I have been able to get gift cards that I have used to buy hair care products and not paid much or anything out of pocket.

Do you have any tips for saving money on hair care products?

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  1. Hey girl, thanks for letting know some effective ways to save money on hair care products. I've been recently spent a lot of money after hair product and synthetic lace front wigs, and looking forward to follow your suggested ways to save money.

    1. Out of curiosity what products have you been buying? Thanks for reading!


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