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Non-penetrating Natural Oils for Chemically-treated Hair: Apricot Oil

I'm not a fan of apricots. In fact I don't like the taste of them at all, but after researching apricot oil I may give it a try. Apricot oil is a pale yellow oil made by cold pressing apricot kernels or seeds. The best type of apricot oil is 100% natural, cold pressed and non-processed. This light oil is rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, C and E making it good for dry, natural and chemically-treated hair.

Apricot oil is rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, C and E making it good for dry, chemically-treated and natural hair. See all the benefits at arelaxedgal.com

Benefits of apricot oil

Apricot oil has a pretty healthy list of benefits
  • Increased shine
  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • UV ray protection which makes it a great oil to use in the summer
  • Relief for dry, itchy scalp
  • Hydration loss control

Ways to use apricot oil

Some ways to use apricot oil and get the most benefits for your hair include:
  • An overnight conditioning treatment
  • A scalp massage to sooth a dry, itchy scalp
  • Add a few drops to your conditioner
  • Sealing in moisture because it's an emollient which helps reduce water evaporation and control the loss of hydration 

Have you ever tried apricot oil?

Resources: http://www.blackhairplanet.com/blog/apricot-oil-hair-growth/, http://apricotseedoil.net/apricot-seed-oil-for-hair/


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