4 Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Relaxed Hair

Coconut oil has gotten extremely popular as a key hair product. Just about every hair blog I follow has at least a couple of posts about the benefits and uses of coconut oil. I also see it as a key ingredient in more and more hair products. The reason why is quite simple - coconut oil has multiple uses and benefits for your hair so you get the most bang for your buck.

4 Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Relaxed Hair | A Relaxed Gal

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Coconut oil is considered a penetrating oil because of its low molecular weight. It also contains saturated fatty acids and Vitamin E which are beneficial for relaxed, colored, and natural hair.

The main benefits of using coconut oil as part of your relaxed hair regimen are:
  • Protein restoration: By penetrating deep into each hair and helping to bind the natural protein structure of the hair it helps with retaining moisture and reinforcement of the hair fiber 
  • Dandruff prevention: Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that help to protect the scalp against infections that can result in dandruff and itching 
  • Stimulated hair growth: It can be used in scalp massages which can help stimulate hair follicles for hair growth 
  • Moisture sealing: Coconut oil is hydrophobic so it repels water reducing the amount of water that enters the hair strand. This makes it good for sealing in moisture

4 benefits to using coconut oil on your hair | A Relaxed Gal: Hair + Beauty + Blogging + Finance


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