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Penetrating Natural Oils for Chemically-treated Hair

The first group of natural oils I'm going to cover in this series are penetrating natural oils. You've most likely heard of the oils that fall into this group. In fact, you may even use some of them. But you may not know all the benefits they provide and when it's best to use them. 

What are penetrating oils

Penetrating oils have the ability to penetrate and enter the cortex layer of the hair shaft. This is due to the smaller molecules they contain. Because they can penetrate the hair shaft, these types of oils can nourish the hair from the inside making them perfect for dry and damaged hair.

Penetrating Natural Oils that Can be Used on Your Hair |

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Key benefits

1. Water-repelling when applied to dry hair. Because the oils penetrate the shaft they prevent it from soaking up lots of water. This helps to limit the expansion of the hair strand which can help prevent protein loss and minor breakage

2. Softening of dry, brittle hair from the fatty acids the oils

3. Shine

4. Help with detangling when applied to dry hair


Natural oils with penetrating abilities are avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. I have used coconut oil and olive oil and of the two, coconut oil is my favorite.

Penetrating natural oils that can be used on Chemically-treated hair | 

Some best times to use

  • Prior to swimming
  • Before detangling
  • When hair is dry and brittle

Are you currently using a penetrating oil on your hair? If so, share in the comments. I'd love to hear about your experience with the oil.


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