The Results Of A Braid Out On Relaxed Hair

I'm not really one for styling my relaxed hair. I just don't have the skills or patience for it. This means my hair is usually styled in a simple bun, ponytail, hair clip, or just hanging loose. Occasionally I feel like styling my hair and attempt a style like a braid out. And attempting a braid out is what happened this past weekend.

The Results Of A Braid Out On Relaxed Hair | A Relaxed Gal

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What is a braid out?

This is a hairstyle that results in a wavy-like texture to your hair. It's achieved by braiding wet or damp hair and then unraveling the braids once the hair is fully dry. Braid outs are a great way to give your relaxed hair some loose, wavy-looking curls without using any heat.

How I did my braid out

To achieve this braid out here's what I did
  • Sectioned my unwashed hair into six sections
  • Braided each section creating six braids
  • Put on my satin nightcap and wore the braids overnight

Due to laziness I didn't apply any water, moisturizer, or setting lotions to my hair so I'm surprised there was any type of definition at all. Despite there being some definition it wasn't as much as I would have liked but that was my own fault.

My braid out results

As a result of the heat and humidity the waves from my braid out only lasted for about half the day (bummer). My last braid out was able to last two whole days. Most likely because it was done on freshly washed and slightly damp hair. For that braid out I also used applied some hair products that helped the definition hold. Oh well. Maybe I'll attempt this again during my next wash.

Share any braid out tricks and tips in the comments below.


  1. Mine usually turn out really crappy lol I'm not big on styling my hair either, like you, I don't have the patience for it, give me a bun anyday :)

    1. What products do you like to use for your braid outs Candice?


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