10 No Heat Hairstyle Tutorials For Relaxed Hair

I like taking care of my hair. In fact, I like washing my hair and don’t mind the drying process. What I’m not a fan of is styling my hair.

Confession, I did have a year or two where I was all about styling my hair. Either with steam rollers, braid outs, or doing different types of braided styles. Once I had my hair setback though I lost pretty much all interest in wearing hairstyles outside of buns and ponytails. Boring I know but easy considering my hair hasn’t been the most manageable over the last year or so.

Even though I don’t do a lot of styling when it comes to my hair I do appreciate a good hairstyling tutorial. Here are 6 that I found for no heat hairstyles for relaxed hair.

No heat relaxed hair style tutorials | A Relaxed Gal
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Waves and curls

Beachy waves via Lisa Onuoha

This is an easy style and way to get some nice waves without breaking out the heat styling tools.

Easy heatless curls via Makayla Janaè

This is kinda two styles in one. The method used to get the curls can be worn as a style and when you take your hair down, you get some nice soft curls or waves.

Braid out via Healthy Hair Junkie

I haven't done a braid out in a while but the last couple of times I did they turned out really well because I used just the right type and amount of product.

Perm rod set - NanaYaa Tresses

This is a great style if you're looking for some tighter and bouncier curls.

Braids, braids, and more braids

Pigtail cornrow braids via CurlNamedLauren

I used to do a similar style quite a bit when my hair was longer. I didn’t use as much product though.

Easy braided styles via Kurtizia

This video has 3 different braided hairstyles for you to try.

Milkmaid braids via Hairlicious

This is another style I used to rock at least a couple of days a week.

Jazzed up buns

Bun + flat twist via Hairlicious

I love how this style takes a regular bun up a notch or two and gives it some added interest.

Topknot bun via Hairlicious

Buns are my go-to but I haven’t done a lot of top knots. Maybe I’ll try this once my hair gets past my shoulders.

Sleek low bun via Jazzie Jae

You can't go wrong with a low bun.