10 Awesome Summer Hairstyle Tutorials

Ah. Summer is in full swing. Especially here in the south. And with summer comes heat and humidity. All of this makes my hair misbehave more than it does in the winter making it harder to style. I’m talking I can’t even put it in a pretty, simple ponytail hard.

So it’s helpful for me to have specific hairstyles that are easy to do and can stand up to the summer weather. Here are 10 summer hairstyles that can do just that.

10 Awesome Summer Hairstyle Tutorials | A Relaxed Gal

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1. Easy summer BBQ hairstyle

Kinky Curly Coily Me

Who doesn’t like an easy hairstyle? This one is great because it doesn’t require a lot of hairpins or hair ties to make it happen. The crazy thing is when finished it doesn’t look like an easy hairstyle.

2. Rope twist updo

Paper and Stitch

I haven’t tried this one, but it’s supposed to be able to be done in five minutes. This hairstyle looks perfect if you’re headed to the beach or the pool as it will keep your hair in place and not let it tangle when wet.

3. Summer scarf updo

The Chic Natural

This is a hairstyle that can get you a lot of compliments for very little effort. This is perfect for when you need to quickly and style your hair before heading out the door.

10 awesome summer hairstyle tutorials | ARelaxedGal.com

4. The messy bun

The Small Things Blog

The messy bun is something I have yet to master. Who knew so much effort went into creating a simple messy-looking bun?

5. Preppy summer updo


This is a really cute hairstyle that is supposed to be humidity-proof. Perfect for summertime in the South.

6. No heat beach waves 

Uptown with Elly Brown

This is a good hairstyle if you’ve just finished a day at the beach or pool and need to quickly shower and get ready for dinner.

7. Sleek low bun with clip-ins

Dezzy Obiakor

I like a bun for any occasion because you can dress it up with some hair accessories, jewelry, and makeup. You can also wear it as is for a quick trip to the beach or pool. Plus, they are pretty quick and easy to do.

8. Sleek bun without clip-ins

A Relaxed Gal

If your hair is long enough you can do a nice-looking bun without clip-ins as you can see in my video tutorial.

9. Simple braid

Twist Me Pretty

I've worn a similar style in the summer time but I like the extra twist that Twist Me Pretty brings to it.

10. Simple braid

Twist Me Pretty

This braided twist is how you can up the look of the simple braid from Twist Me Pretty I mentioned in number 9.

What hairstyles do you like to wear in the summertime?

10 awesome tutorials for summer hairstyles | arelaxedgal.com