7 Protein-free Hair Conditioners For Relaxed Hair

Over the last year, I’ve shared my experience with protein overload and the damage it’s done to my relaxed hair. I’m happy to say that since I discovered that I had protein overload and started taking steps to get past it, I’ve seen lots of improvement in my hair.

One of the things that I did was stop using so many hair products with protein ingredients. Almost every product I was using for my hair at that time had a protein ingredient but that wasn’t on purpose.

What I’ve discovered is that hair brands and manufacturers like to include protein in their hair products even if they don’t claim to be strengthening or anti-breakage but do claim to be moisturizing or hydrating. It’s kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

Protein-free Hair Conditioners For Relaxed Hair

Since that discovery, I’ve been paying closer attention to whether or not a product has protein ingredients or not. If the product does have protein I pay attention to how far down the list of ingredients the protein is because the further down the list the less the concentration or amount.

Since it seems finding products without protein is something we all struggle with I’ve decided to put together a list of 7 protein-free hair conditioners out there for relaxed hair.

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