8 Of My Favorite Financial Bloggers

For us millennials budgeting, saving money, investing can all be confusing. It can also be overwhelming. Especially when it’s something that’s new to you and you don’t have a lot of experience with.

I’ve been blessed that my parents were good with their finances and made it a point to pass that information down to their children. My parents taught me about budgeting by helping me create a budget for my weekly allowance. As part of that budget, my parents had me set aside some of my income for savings. My father also taught me the basics of investing by having me pick and monitor some real stocks for a few months.

These basics that my parents taught me really set me up to have a good financial foundation when I graduated from college. Because of that, I was able to furnish a one-bedroom apartment with cash and pay off a car loan a year early.

Now, not everyone is blessed to have parents that are good with money and were able to pass along that knowledge to them. Thankfully we have this thing called the internet that we can use to find personal finance information and resources.

Best financial blogs for millennials | A Relaxed Gal
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Even though I learned some personal finance basics early in life, I still consume a lot of these resources. It’s nice to sometimes get a different perspective and learn from the experiences of people in your age group.

Here is a list of 8 financial bloggers and gurus that I follow and recommend to millennials who want to learn about managing their finances. Please note they aren’t listed in any particular order nor are they ranked.

1. City Girl Savings

This is a site geared towards teaching working women how to properly budget and manage their money. The creator Raya not only has a blog but also a community that women can join and interact with other women who are also trying to learn more about managing their money.

2. Millennial In Debt

If you’re trying to get out of debt, Millennial In Debt has some great tips and advice on how to do it via investing, budgeting, and making extra income.

3. My Debt Ephiphany

Since debt is such a big thing with us millennials I’ve included another resource about managing and getting out of debt. The voice behind My Dept Ephiphany is Choncé (pronounced Chon-say). She’s a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) personal finance coach so she doesn’t just focus on debt management, Choncé also shares her experiences and tips on overall personal finance.

4. Financially Fit & Fab

Tia is a Certified Financial Education Instructor who helps millennials get financially in shape by covering topics such as homeownership, investing, and making money. I’ve been able to pick up some helpful tips from her blog.

5. My Fab Finance

I recently discovered this resource and like how it seems geared more towards financial wellness. Tonya covers the basic financial topics but seems to take it a bit further by connecting finances to mental and physical health. She also shares how to teach your kids about money and finances.

6. Kitchen Table Finances

This blog focuses on finding and creating more income sources to reach your financial goals. Liz shares regular income reports showing how much she’s been making with her side hustles and how that has been helping her to pay down her debt.

7. Club Thrifty

This is a blog run by a couple, Greg and Holly Johnson, who has worked their way of debt and reached a point in their finances where they have the freedom to travel wherever they want to. They share how they got out of debt and their tips for saving money on travel without sacrificing quality.

8. The Budget Mom

If you’re looking for practical ways to manage your family finances this is a good blog to follow. This blog shares helpful tips on everything from organizing your pantry on a budget, budget-friendly meals for the fam, and cheap kids activities.


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