Why You Should Infuse Protein Into Your Hair Regimen

For those of us who relax or color our hair, protein treatments are a must. Our hair strands are made up of about 70% keratin protein, so protein treatments help strengthen areas of the hair and build the hair shaft backup that has been weakened by chemical treatments or daily manipulation. Two key signs that your hair needs protein is the loss of elasticity and severe breakage.

Why you sould infuse protein into your hair regimen | arelaxedgal.com
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How to infuse protein into your hair regimen

  • Protein packs are good for routine maintenance to restore and balance. It's recommended they are used every 4-6 weeks. These are also known as hard protein treatments.
  • Light protein treatments are ideal for regular maintenance and are sometimes packaged as leave-ins or labeled with phrases like “conditioning mask” or “recovery and repair." It's recommended they are used every wash. Do ease off of them if your hair is feeling stiff
  • Deep penetrating treatments are intense hydrators and work well on moderately damaged hair. Their recommended use is every other week or every other was
  • Reconstructors are often used to repair damage from heat styling or drying effects of color processing. If they are being used to help repair extensive damage use every week or wash
  • Homemade treatments using ingredients such as avocado, mayo and coconut oil

Products with protein

Below is a list of some medium to hard protein treatments that I have either tried or seen several other bloggers rave about and use as part of their relaxed hair regimen.

To know if you are currently using any products with protein look for these types of ingredients: Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed silk protein, Hydrolyzed wheat protein.

My favorite hair product that gives my hair a light amount of protein is the SheaMoisture High Porosity Moisture Correct Masque.

Why you should add protein products to your hair regimen | arelaxedgal.com

Keep in mind

A key thing to remember when using hard protein treatments is to always do a moisturizing deep condition afterward. This helps maintain the protein-moisture balance your hair needs. 

Do you use protein on your hair? What protein-based products do you use?

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