Regularly moisturize and seal

Regularly varies from head-to-head. You may find that you need to moisturize every day between or washes or ever 2-3 days. I typically moisturize and seal every other day or less if I wear my ends tucked away for most of the week.

Do protein treatments

Protein treatments can add a protective barrier around your strands helping to add some strength. Determine whether you need a protein treatment and the type of protein treatment you do on what your hair is saying it needs. If you're experiencing breakage or your hair is over-moisturized and feels mushy you may need a protein treatment.


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  1. I think bleaching in the worst of all three. And be aware of that even though you go for a colouring, if your hair is very dark, the hair dresser Will bleach your hair before the colouring.

    1. I didn't realize that. I've never had permanent color done. I've just done semi-permanent color at home. Thanks for sharing Lisa.