Getting Started With A Healthy Relaxed Hair Journey

I've always thought my hair was one of my best features. Growing up it was long and thick. So thick that I hated to wash it or get it wet because it would take forever to dry - even with a relaxer. Once I hit my teenage years I cut my relaxed bra strap length (BSL) hair to chin length and have been cutting it ever since bouncing between shoulder length and chin length.

Starting a healthy relaxed hair journey | A Relaxed Gal
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Fast forward several years and I started to notice breakage and thin ends which I attribute to using a lot of heat, not moisturizing, no protective styling, and not using products that benefit my hair. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and began searching online for help and tips on how to get my relaxed hair healthy again.

I found a lot of blogs and vlogs with ladies who had thick, healthy relaxed hair like I used to have. They did this by developing hair regimens that consisted of:
  • Hair products that addressed the issues or needs of their hair. These would be protein-based products for breakage and weak strands. Moisture-based products for dry strands. Or products without sulfates or silicones 
  • Consistency in their wash day routines 
  • Between washes regularly moisturizing their hair and sealing in that moisture with natural oils 
  • Stretching their relaxers by going more than six weeks between touch-ups
  • Using little to no heat on their hair

Getting started with a healthy relaxed hair joruney |

After spending time reading and digesting the information I committed to begin my healthy relaxed hair journey. My goals to achieve healthy hair by the end of 2014 are:

Have you set any hair goals for this year?



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