Have you set any hair goals for this year?

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  1. When you use leave-in conditioner daily. how much do you use? Does your hair get really wet like it's from a wash? and what do you think of LCO method for relaxed hair?

    1. Hi Quinter,

      I don't use a lot leave-in conditioner when moisturizing my hair. How much you use will depend on the type of conditioner and how thick and long your hair is. If your hair starts to feel wet like you just washed it, you've used too much.

      I don't pay attention to the methods, I just do what works best for my hair.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. I used to just leave my hair to air dry after washing(stopped using heat some time ago,only when going out)i had my hair relaxed this month,my stylist cut an inch off my hair ,my hair is now below the collar i still have a long way to go in looking after my hair,my hair always grows fast so after looking at tips online,i have started to look after my hair by looking at tips like yours .Thank you.