8 Relaxed Hair YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I’ve become a big YouTube watcher of hair and beauty tips videos. What I’ve been finding though is many hair YouTuber’s don’t share tips that are always applicable for relaxed hair.

In fact, I’ve gotten several comments on the hair videos I post on YouTube about how it’s hard to find good videos about how to care for relaxed hair.

6 Relaxed Hair Vloggers You Should Be Watching | A Relaxed Gal

Knowing how hard it can be to find relaxed hair vloggers who are still relaxed, I decided to compile a list of my favorite relaxed hair vloggers. These vloggers don’t just have relaxed hair, they share helpful tips on caring for relaxed hair, the products they use, the products they don’t use, and how they style their hair.

A Relaxed Gal

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On my YouTube channel, I focus on having healthy relaxed hair by sharing what I’ve learned over my relaxed hair journey. As well as tips and tutorials for caring for your relaxed hair.

Simply Krissy

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I love Krissy's energy. On her channel, she shares relaxer touch-up updates, hairstyle tutorials, and key things she does to maintain her hair. 


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Twins Ebonie and Erica don’t just do hair tip videos for relaxed hair care, but they also do vlogs when they go to the hair salon for their touch-ups so you can see the whole process.

Relaxed hair vloggers to watch | A Relaxed Gal


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Toya’s a professional hairstylist so she lives and breathes hair. She works with natural hair also so not all of her hair tips are relaxed hair specific. But she’s relaxed so I kinda feel like the tips have a relaxed hair bent to them.

HairObsess Club

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I can't even remember how I stumbled on JayC but she shares great tips that she's discovered along her relaxed hair journey.

Healthy Relaxed Hair Journey

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After six years of being natural Tye relaxed her hair is now on a journey to achieving healthy relaxed hair. On her channel, she's sharing all of the tips and tricks she's learning along the way.