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How to Properly Deep Condition Your Hair

You've heard about deep conditioning. You sometimes do it, but are you deep conditioning your hair the right way? I wasn't until a few months ago.

There were many times that I would go to the salon and the stylist would tell me my relaxed hair felt dry. I couldn't understand why my hair felt dry. I was deep conditioning my relaxed hair so why wasn't it working?

How to deep condition your hair the right way. |
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After having this happen a few times I told the stylist I was deep conditioning. So she asked me what conditioner I was using and how I was using it. I then told the stylist the conditioner I was using, how I applied it to my hair, that I'd leave it on for about five minutes and then rinse it out. After hearing this she gasped and said: "that's not how you deep condition your hair." The stylist then went on to share with me these four steps for proper deep conditioning.

1. Choose the correct conditioner

  • The container should say deep conditioner or hair masque
  • It has instructions to leave on for 15 minutes or more, though there may be some exceptions
  • The conditioner should address your hair type (e.g. fine, chemically-treated) or hair issue (e.g. high porosity, dry)
  • It has ingredients that penetrate the hair versus sitting on the hair
  • The deep conditioner I'm currently using is the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

2. Apply each wash

  • Deep condition each time you wash your hair or at least weekly
  • Section your hair, apply it to the ends first and work your way up each section
  • Avoid applying it to the scalp which can cause irritation and it isn't necessary

3. Use heat or steam

  • This helps the deep conditioner penetrate the hair shaft better
  • After applying the deep conditioner cover your hair with a plastic cap or bag
  • Wear a heating cap or sit under a hooded dryer or steamer for at least 20 minutes

4 tips for properly deep conditioning hair |

4. Cool and rinse

  • Let your hair cool for a few minutes. I like to let my hair cool for at least 10 minutes
  • Completely rinse your hair using cool water to seal the cuticles

You're good to go!

What are your steps for deep conditioning your hair?

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