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7 Great Relaxed Hair Ladies To Follow

When I decided to adopt healthy practices for my relaxed hair, I turned to the blogosphere. There I found several relaxed ladies who were gladly sharing the ups and downs of caring for their relaxed hair. From them, I learned many tips and tricks to get my hair healthy again and keep it that way.

7 Great Relaxed Hair Ladies To Follow | A Relaxed Gal

As more and more relaxed hair bloggers transition to natural, it can be hard to find a regularly updated blog about relaxed hair. So I've compiled a list of some relaxed hair ladies who either have blogs or Instagram profiles that I follow. All of these ladies have great tips, product reviews, and advice for us relaxed ladies. They also post on a regular basis. Enjoy!

I kinda feel like Amada also known as relaxed_harlem is the braidout queen! Her braidouts always look so great and she shares how she achieves them in her Instagram feed and stories.

A Relaxed Gal
I couldn't forget to include my blog A Relaxed Gal on the list. Here you can find information about my relaxed hair regimen, past wash days, product reviews, and the ups and downs of my journey to healthy, relaxed hair. You can also follow me on Instagram where I'll share first impressions of new products that I try and results from my wash days.

Hairlicious Inc.
I read Hairlicious for the great tutorials on styling and caring for relaxed hair. I also like the product reviews. Hairlicious is also the host of castor oil challenges throughout the year.

Relaxed ladies you need to be following now! | A Relaxed Gal

Kibbi Hair
Here you can find several great tips and info on caring for relaxed hair as well as travel, health and beauty. As a bonus, if you like to wear wigs Miss Kibbi just launched her own wig line!

Latoya Jones
Latoya Jones is a rare find - a hair stylist that promotes healthy hair practices for relaxed hair. I love that she is such a promoter of relaxer stretching. I haven't come across any other hair stylists that are. If I lived in her city she would be my stylist. She also has her own hair collection and line of hair care products.

I've picked up several good tips from Lade. She started her blog to share her relaxed hair experience. Now she's a Certified Hair Care Consultant. Lade has long, thick hair that still has some texture to it which I love.

Which relaxed hair bloggers do you follow?

Updated 2.23.19
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  1. Thanks for the mention Leah.. I'm quite addicted to your blog and am glad you find mine useful. I follow all of the ladies above :)

    1. You're welcome DeOnne. Are there any other relaxed hair bloggers not on the list that you follow?

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Btw you should have added your blog to the list.

    1. I agree, Tomes! Congratulations!

    2. You're welcome Tomes! Funny I didn't even think about adding myself to the list.

  3. Thank you for including me, Leah!

  4. Thank you for including me. I truly appreciate it. And yes, girl....add your blog! Much love to you and all the wonderful ladies mentioned.

    Jay |

    1. You're welcome Jay. You all are right, I should add my blog. Thanks for visiting!


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