4. Short-term protective styling at least once a week

I've tried to reserve my protective style for days when the weather is cold or wet. Also for when my relaxed hair is starting to feel really dry. This style is usually a tucked under braid, a bun held up with a hair tie or hairpin, or I use a hair clip.

5. Staying away from direct heat

Though I've been wearing my hair down I've stayed away from the flat iron and curling iron to avoid causing any damage from using direct heat. I also don't use hot air when drying with my blow dryer. Instead, I use the cool setting. And no matter what type of heat I'm using my hair I'm using a heat protectant on my hair.

6. Using moisturizing products on wash day

The shampoos and conditioners I've been using during my wash days are moisture focused which help to keep my strands supple. I also make sure to deep condition each wash day for at least 30 minutes with a focus on my ends.
How do you protect your hair when you wear it out a lot?

6 ways to keep your hair protected when you wear it down a lot | A Relaxed Gal



  1. I love to twist my hair and keep it up once a week. I love your routine.

  2. Thats a great list. I use most of them especially when i'm home I just don't want to fuss with my hair.

  3. I make sure to avoid using heat as much as possible and wear it in a pineapple pony for bed!