Preventing Hair Damage From Friction

Friction fric·tion [ fríkshən ] - when hair strands rub against each other during combing, brushing, styling, heat exposure, and washing. This results in the hair cuticles rising up, eroding and swelling leading to static, flyaways, tangling and breakage. All the things we don't want to happen to our hair.

How to prevent hair damage from friction |

You can minimize the amount of friction by:
  • Starting each wash day with a moisturizing pre-poo. This will help lessen the stripping of moisture and therefore drying effect that shampooing can have 
  • Not piling hair on top of your head during washing reduces friction and tangles as well
  • Working downwards when applying your shampoo or conditioner. This helps to smooth the cuticle
  • Not skipping the conditioner during wash day. Also looking for a conditioner that has a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 which is preferable pH for hair
  • Using cool water when doing your final rinse during wash day to close the cuticle
  • Using a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry hair. Also squeezing the excess water out of the hair instead of rubbing also helps 
  • Using a detangler or leave in with detangling properties
  • Detangle mostly with your fingers 
  • When using a comb, use a seamless one. These combs don't have seams on the teeth of the comb for hair to catch on
  • Using a satin bonnet to protect the hair during bedtime

Have you ever experienced hair damage from friction?

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