Moisture Challenge Final Check In: Quenching My Dry Strands

As first mentioned in a previous wash day post at three weeks post, I participated in the 30 Days of Moisture Challenge hosted by Jen of Just Grow Already and Jay of Relaxed Thairapy. Dry hair has always been an issue for me because I used to use direct heat on my hair almost every day, I only deep conditioned every 10 or so weeks when at the salon, and I pretty much never moisturized my hair between washes.

Keeping relaxed hair moisturized with a moisture challenge | A Relaxed Gal
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While my regimen has drastically changed and I'm being much nicer to my hair, this challenge helped me put more emphasis on keeping my strands moisturized. This challenge also came at a good time because the weather recently changed overnight in NC from summer to fall and my hair, especially my ends, is starting to feel it. My participation consisted of
  • Deep conditioning weekly with my Hot Head Conditioning Cap
  • Moisturizing and sealing at least every other day
  • Co-washing every other week

Here are more details of my participation and how I've graded myself. This will also be included in my September Hair Health Update post.

Deep condition weekly with my heating cap

I give myself an A+ for this. Every wash day this month I've deep conditioned as my pre-poo and used my heating cap. The results have been great and I also think it's had a positive effect on how moisturized my hair feels throughout the week. I'm curious to see if how my deep condition pre-poo does during the winter months.

Moisturize and seal at least every other day

Another A+. Though there were a few times, it needed to be every day.

Wear up-dos/protect my hair

For this, I'll give myself a B. There were several weekends during which I wore my hair down and my hair needed more moisturizing after those days. At home, I did a very good job of protecting my hair because it was always kept hidden away in my satin bonnet.

Co-wash every other week

I give myself an A-. I co-washed twice, but it wasn't every other week. This is something I want to really try and stick to as the weather gets colder.

Overall, my hair responded well as I didn't notice any split ends or crazy breakage. I plan to continue with this moisture plan throughout the winter and tweak it as needed as my hair isn't liking the cooler weather.

How are you doing with retaining moisture levels in your hair?


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