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What I Do with Shampoos and Conditioners My Hair Doesn't Like

If you've been on a healthy hair journey for a few months you most likely have some hair products, particularly shampoos and conditioners, that just didn't work for you. I know I do.

I have shampoos from before I started on my healthy relaxed hair journey that have sulfates or non-sulfate shampoos that stripped my hair and induced major tangling. I also have conditioners that didn't live up to the word conditioner much less the product description.

So what do you do with those unusable products that are now collecting dust and taking up space? Here are four things I do to rid myself of those shampoos and conditioners.

What you can do with unusable shampoos and conditioners |

1. Give them away

I know, I know, I know. How could I give away a product that my hair hated? Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. There are several people in my life between family and friends who aren't as selective about what they use on their hair like I am. And if it's free...yes please!

I've also given away some products to Goodwill. This only happens when I have used the product 1-2 times so the bottle feels and looks close to full.

2. Mix them with other products or ingredients

If the shampoo or conditioner wasn't so bad that it caused my hair to start a revolution, I'll use it in a mix. I'll take the shampoo and mix a little bit with a shampoo from my go-to stash. The conditioner may end up in a pre-poo mix with a conditioner my hair likes and some of my favorite oils. I've found that using more of the go-to product/ingredient in the mix helps to negate the issues experienced when using the not-working product alone.

3. Use the conditioner as shaving cream

Some former coworkers once told me when they travel and stay at hotels they use the free conditioner for shaving cream. I was skeptical about how conditioner would work in place of shaving cream, but gave it a try and found it totally works!

Now when I have a conditioner that didn't work for my hair I may opt to keep it and use it instead of shaving cream. Conditioners that don't help my hair feel soft and moisturized can help my legs and underarms feel soft and moisturized during shaving.

4. Use the shampoo to clean hair tools

Shampoos that I've stopped using and don't want to use in a mix are now my cleansers for combs, brushes, containers I use to mix product, and applicator bottles. I mean they are supposed to be cleansers so why not let them do what they were made to do.

5. Return them to the store

Yep. I've done this plenty of times. If I've used a hair product once or twice and it just isn't working for me, I get the receipt and return the product for a refund. There's nothing wrong with returning it, if it's not working or you don't like it and you follow the stores return policy.

6. Leave them out for guests

When I travel and stay with family I don't always bring a lot of toiletries because I know I can "borrow" some of theirs. This could also be true for some of your family and friends who visit you. So why not place some these shampoos and conditioners you don't like in your guest bathroom for guests to use? I've done this a few times and my guests have really appreciated it.

How do you get rid of hair products that didn't work for you?

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