8 Ways to Use Up Conditioners Your Hair Doesn't Like

Did you know you don’t always have to use a hair conditioner as a hair conditioner? I didn’t until a few years ago when I overheard some co-workers talking about the multiple ways they use hair conditioners and how handy it was when they traveled.

Well, I decided to try these other uses out for myself and found out they were right! Now I get more bang for my buck when I buy conditioner. I also have other ways to use up hair conditioners my hair doesn’t like and save money at the same time.

8 Additional Ways to Use Hair Conditioner | A Relaxed Gal
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Other uses for hair conditioner

1. Shaving cream

I actually like using conditioner better than shaving cream. The conditioner helps raise the hair and the razor easily glides over my skin. Afterward, my skin feels really soft and there’s no irritation.

2. Hand-washing delicates

I’ve used this for pantyhose and bras when traveling a couple of times and it worked well for me.

3. Detangler

You can use conditioner to work out tangles prior to washing your hair. Make sure it has a lot of slip otherwise it won’t detangle well.

4. Fabric softener

I’ve never tried this as I don’t use fabric softener, but some of my coworkers swear by this.

Conditioner doesn't have to just be for your hair. See 8 other ways you can use your hair conditioner. | @arelaxedgal

5. Co-washing

I’ve done this a few times myself and have found that I get a better result using conditioners with sulfates as a co-wash. You can learn more about co-washing in this blog post.

6. Conditioning leather

I’ve been told by a few people I know who have leather couches that a good gentle, moisturizing conditioner can help conditioner leather. If you try this out I suggest you try it on a small spot first.

7. Pre-pooing

This is another hair use, though not a mainstream use for conditioner.

8. Protection while swimming

Every time I go to the beach or the pool I apply conditioner all over my hair before getting in the water. After taking a swim my hair doesn’t dry out and is easy to detangle unlike when I don’t apply conditioner before getting in the water.

Who knew that hair conditioner had so many uses? 

What other uses do you have for hair conditioners?